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A collection of five utilities, mmTools (immodestly named after their author, Mike Mustaine) includes:

AnotherFolder Adds a shortcut to the SendTo menu, allowing users to copy or move files without opening an additional explorer window.
Autorun .INF builder An application for creating autorun.inf files, including context menu items.
Date/Time Stamper Drag-and-drop support for changing file and folder dates.
Folder Comparator Compares the contents of two folders and displays (selected) differences.  Can feed selected files to a diff program like WinMerge.
MagTool Onscreen magnifier that supports mouse tracking only when the Shift and/or Control keys are held down, making it easier to use for detailed work.

download mmTools

Note:  For MagTool to properly track the cursor when another application has focus, UAC must be turned off or MagTool must be run with administrator privileges.


A collection of VB6 utilities, mmVBTools includes:

Mouse Wheel AddIn Support for mouse wheel scrolling in the VB6 IDE.  Supports MDI/SDI environments and (in a limited fashion) scrolling a split code pane.
Tab Order AddIn Set control tab indexes via drag-and-drop.
Address-O-Matic AddIn Generates a random base address for ActiveX controls and .DLLs.
RegTool Command-line tool for registering ActiveX EXEs, DLLs, OCXs, and type libraries (.TLB/.OLB files)
Win32 API Type Library Bruce McKinney's win32.tlb type library from Hardcore Visual Basic.  This version is from Bruce's aborted attempt at an update for VB6, and used to be hosted on the DevX site, but isn't anymore.
DebugView 4.3 A version of the debug viewer from SysInternals.  The latest version is available on Microsoft's site.

download mmVBTools