ActiveX components—the original purpose of LDrive.  All components are written in VB6, and have no dependencies other than the VB6 runtime, which is included in Windows 2000 SP4 and all newer versions of Windows (at least through Windows 7). Once sold commercially, all LDrive ActiveX components are now free.


LDrive ViewPort is an ActiveX control that allows the programmer to create a virtual window of any size. Controls can be placed anywhere on the window, then viewed at runtime by scrolling the ViewPort to their location.  ViewPort can automatically reposition the virtual window to expose child controls when they receive focus, or you can scroll to a specific control with a single method call. You can easily enable and disable all child controls, and ViewPort provides support for the Intellimouse wheel.

download viewport

Viewport registration code: 28646-14627


LDrive WizardX makes it easy to create wizards without writing code. Just place a WizardControl object and one or more WizardPane objects on your form—WizardX will do the rest! An extensive list of properties ensures complete control over the appearance and behavior of the wizard. Use the events provided to validate user input, make branching decisions, or jump to different panes.

WizardXL includes support for the Wizard 97 style, an expanded event model, better support for customized and resizable wizards, and the IWizardPane interface for creating custom controls that interface directly with WizardXL.

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download wizardx

WizardXL registration code: 15696-42917
WizardX registration code: 32807-32765


LDrive LEDBag contains two controls, the LEDBar and the LEDBarGraph. The LEDBar control contains a single segmented LED bar, while the LEDBarGraph control can display any number of LED bars. With over 50 properties, the LDrive LEDBag controls can be customized for nearly any application. Designed for performance, the LDrive LEDBag controls bypass the built-in methods of Visual Basic and do all drawing directly through the Win32 API.

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LEDBag registration code: 67281-86598


LDrive MinMax lets you control the maximum and minimum window sizes, and the size and position of the window when maximized. Additionally, LDrive MinMax allows you to specify a sizing increment (like how the Windows Taskbar resizes itself). You can use any combination of the available properties—restrict only the window's width if that's what you need. Includes full source.

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LDrive DrawEdge provides a simple wrapper around the Win32 DrawEdge API. Two components are provided; the DrawEdgeContainer control and the DrawEdgeWindowless control. The DrawEdgeContainer is a container control while the DrawEdgeWindowless control is a lightweight control (it draws itself at the same level as the VB Label and Image controls). Includes full source.

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The LDrive Subclasser control provides a simple, drop-in solution for your subclassing needs. It uses a doubly-linked list when hooking into or out of a window's WndProc so you don't have to worry about build-up/tear-down order. Messages can be pre- or post-processed on an individual basis, or you can use the CallOldWndProc method in your code. You can use the compiled objects during development, then simply include the single source module for production. Includes full source.

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An ActiveX DLL that provides support for native Win32 timers. Includes the ITimerObjectSink interface to allow use of callbacks instead of events. Callback functions will still be invoked even if a modal dialog is displayed. Includes full source.

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